Choosing Commercial Tumble Dryers

Whether you need to dry small or large loads, stack your tumble dryers to save space or need to make sure that your laundry dries quickly, we have a great range of commercial tumble dryers to meet your needs.

We are professional partners with Miele Professional and Primus and can provide electric heat vented driers, condenser or heat pump dryers that are great for laundry rooms with no ventilation and can provide up to 60% energy savings. We also supply gas dryers that are eco friendly using natural or LPG gas to provide the heat.

Additionally, pair your commercial tumble dryers with the high spin commercial washing machines from Miele Professional or Primus and your laundry will spend less time in the tumble dryers.

Here at GW Commercial Equipment Ltd, we have based our recommendations on the experience of Miele with their 100 years experience, helping to find the best possible drying solutions for our customers.

For more information on how a commercial washing machine can help your business, please get in touch for a free consultation.