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Miele PT 8303 Slimline Tumble Dryer

The Miele PT 8303 dryer has a slimline design, with a width of 711 mm, making it ideal to fit in most spaces. The dryer has a load capacity of 15kg and has a range of programme settings to meet your requirements.

12 – 15 kg

  • Vented dryer
  • Load capacity 12 – 15 kg
  • Profitronic B PLUS controls, residual moisture sensing, 12 programmes
  • Patented PerfectDry moisture sensing system
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Key features

  • Drum volume: 300 litres
  • Galvanised drum
  • 12 programmes
  • “Perfect Dry” residual moisture control system
  • 711 mm wide
  • Available in electric and gas options


Frontloader, porthole [Ø mm] 520
Drying system
Vented drying system
Air intake / Venting DN 150
Performance data
Load capacity 1:25 – 1:20 [kg] 12-15
Drum volume [l] 300
Profi tronic B, time controls x
Profi tronic B COP, time controls x
Profi tronic B Plus, residual moisture controls
Connection options
Payment system x
Electrical connection (electric heating), optional
3N AC 380 – 415 V 50 Hz
Fuse rating [A] 3 x 25
3 AC 220-240 V 50Hz x
Fuse rating [A] x
Electrical connection (gas heating)
1N AC 220-240 V 50 Hz
Fuse rating [A] 1 x 10
Options Electric/gas
Measurements, Weight
External dimensions H/W/D [mm] 1800/711/1089
Net weight, electric version [kg] 139
Net weight, gas version [kg] 145
Outer Casting
Front and lid in Octoblue¹, side and rear panels galvanised
Front, sides and lid in Octoblue¹, rear panel galvanised °
Box plinth, octoblue¹ °

• – Standard Feature

° – Optional

x – Not Available


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