At GW Commercial, we are experienced in the provision and installation of auto-dosing chemicals, for use with our commercial washing machines.

What is Auto Chemical Dosing?

Auto dosing introduces a controlled and precise amount of chemicals into the chosen wash cycle, in order to enhance the cleaning procedure.

The chemicals are introduced via automated feeding equipment, which consistently adjusts the correct amount for each wash.

There are many benefits to using auto-dosed chemicals.

  • You achieve greater savings on the cost of detergent and chemicals, as overfills and spillage are eliminated.
  • Lower cycle temperatures can be used, saving energy in the long run
  • There is a reduced amount of clogging and blockages, extending the life of the equipment
  • Using auto dosing equipment reduces Safer to use, as the possibility of the chemicals touching your skin is reduced.
  • Better quality of product and more cost effective.
  • Using the correct chemicals autodosing does control the spread of infectious diseases such as Salmonella, Listeria, MRSA & EColi.
  • GW only use the “best in class” auto dosing equipment, Brightwell pumps.

GW Commercial Equipment prides itself on the quality and value of the products we supply. So in order to ensure the best results we would need to install the auto dosing equipment. However on the proviso that all chemicals and detergents are purchased through GW Commercial Equipment, the equipment costs in most cases are free.

Contact us for more information on how auto-dosing can work for your business.