Commercial appliances for the home

We often get asked whether commercial laundry appliances & dishwashers can be used in the home, and the answer is yes.

Commercial laundry machines and dishwashers are incredibly reliable and run with fast cycle times and higher capacity than domestic machines, on the smallest of footprints. Laundry appliances can often with the ability to be stacked. See below examples of appliances ideal for home use.


Miele PWD909 [EL DP DD]

The Miele PWD 909 [EL DP DD]  9kg commercial washer-dryer or dryer-dryer stack can be used in the home, these stacked machines both have Ecoplus programmes which are sustainable, cost-effective and use low energy. Read more 



Miele PFD 104 SCVi XXL


The Miele PFD 104 SCVi XXL dishwasher is suitable for home use. Fully integrated unit without a front door [furniture door to be supplied/installed by customer] ideal for home kitchens and utility rooms. Read more