Commercial Dishwashers and Glasswashers

Miele Professional have a range of commercial dishwashers and glasswashers that can suit almost any application, from office kitchens, to care homes and hospitals, to high capacity throughput restaurants and hotel kitchens.

Commercial Freshwater Dishwashers and Glasswashers

We can offer 2 styles of commercial dishwashing equipment. Firstly, the tank style is designed for faster throughput with higher volumes. Secondly, the easy-to-use freshwater range of machines are twin basket, and while they don’t use a preheated tank of wash water they are still able to reach wash times of as little as 18 minutes for The Miele Professional PG8080. Alternatively, our choice of commercial glasswashers is ideal for pubs and venues which have high glass output and throughput. These machines ensure greater care and protection for glass while delivering speedy, high quality cleaning results for large loads of glasses time after time. Heavy duty glasswashers are a great addition to pub environments where the main volume of dishes tends to be glassware.

All Miele Professional dishwashers are WRAS approved and Miele’s G7859 dishwashers rinses at 85 degrees meeting the Department of Health guidelines for dishwashing in hospital wards, care and nursing homes.

To enquire about purchasing one of our commercial dishwashers or glasswashers or if you require any further information please call us on 020 8984 9894 or complete the enquiry form on our contact page.