miele professional


miele professional


Miele PT 8803 & 8807 Tumble Dryers

These versatile and heavy duty dryers can handle loads of 40kg, making them ideal for large laundry rooms. They have a range of features which provide quality results every time.

32 kg

  • PROFITRONIC M controls with electronic monitoring of residual moisture levels, freely programmable
  • Load capacity 32 kg with 1:25 load ratio
  • Honeycomb drum, volume 800 litres
  • Electric, gas or steam


Key features

  • Drum volume: 800 litres
  • Patented honeycomb drum
  • “Perfect Dry” residual moisture control system
  • Axial flow drying system for fast drying times and energy efficiency
  • Available in electric and gas options

PT 8803

  • 12 programmes
  • Octoblue finish

PT 8807

  • 199 free programmable cycles to meet your exact needs
  • Suitable for wetcleaning
  • Stainless steel or Octoblue finish


Capacity 1:25/1:20 [kg] 32/40
Honeycomb drum, volume [litres] 800
Vented drying system with air recycling
PROFITRONIC M, freely programmable
Electrical connection
3N AC 380–415 V 50 Hz
Electrically heated machines:
Heater rating [kW] 36
Total connected load [kW] 37.9
Fuse rating [A] 3 x 63
Gas heated machines:*
Total electrical load [kW] 1.9
Fuse rating [A] 3 x 10
Steam heated machines: **
Total electrical load [kW] 1.9
Fuse rating [A] 3 x 10
Exhaust ducting DN 150
Dimensions, weight (electric heating)
External dimensions H/W/D [mm] 1640/1206/1368
Weight [kg] 290
External finish options
Sides/lid/front Octo blue (powder coated), back galvanised
Sides and lid Octo blue (powder coated), back galvanised, front stainless steel °

• – Standard Feature

° – Optional

x – Not Available

* – Gas Valve Not Supplied

** – Steam Valve Not Supplied


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