VEIT 8910 Universal Press


The VEIT Varioset ironing tables are worldwide known for their great performance, their long lifetime and their reliability.

The VEIT Varioset has been since its introduction in the early 1980s continuously further developed and improved.

It was the first ironing table in the world which has been designed as a building block system, making it easy to change surfaces and bucks or change pointing left or right.

The specially shaped surface of this ironing table allows the finish of pants, dresses, skirts, coats, blouses, jackets and other textiles.

The garments can be finished quickly, efficiently and with a high quality standard. Optionally, we offer the CR2 ironing surface with an extendable egg-shaped front tip. It allows perfect finishing of relatively wide parts such as trouser hips or jacket chests.

The egg-shaped area at the front tip of the ironing surface can be easily extended by simply moving a handle. After finishing the part, the egg shape is just as easily retracted again.

This ironing buck is also available for the Varioline series. Quick regulation of suction and blowing quantity by key pressure on the electronic control unit. Rated and actual temperature of the iron is shown accurately to the degree.

Finishing Equipment