VEIT 8741 Pants Finisher


  • The patented electromotive carriage drive of the hem clamping device ensures problem-free finishing of even sensitive stretch fabrics without any damage. This is due to the highly precise stretch control function (option VEIT-O-STRETCH or anti stretch for legs).
  • Loading height is easily adjustable in 3 steps using foot pedal (with option for short trousers).
  • Smooth and steady running of carriage improves the finish quality.
  • Trousers with a waistband width of 480 - 1430 mm / 19 - 56 inch can be finished without any pre-adjustments.
  • The trousers are two-dimensionally tensioned in a semi-circle to further improve the finish quality (with the option waistband tensioning device "body").
  • Patented and wearless waistband tensioning devices for a long life cycle.
  • Increased pressure and air volume flow due to optimised air system for ideal finish results.
  • The modular system allows a combination of the base unit with waistband longitudinal or lateral tensioning as well as with many other options.
Finishing Equipment