We are pleased to introduce the SHIELDme disinfecting fogger system to help sanitise large spaces and protect you, your staff and your residents from Covid 19.

PRICES: From £399 + VAT

Disinfecting Fogger 12L Essex, London


  • The SHIELDme disinfecting fogger sprays large areas, touch surfaces and places that are hard to reach with disinfection, which is 99.99% effective in destroying COVID 19.
  • The disinfectant is an FDA-approved formula, made up of super oxidised water and Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL), a potent disinfectant which occurs naturally in the human body. The fogger allows large areas to be covered in a short amount of time.
  • The wet fog setting can take just one minute to cover 20m2., making it perfect for deep cleaning buildings with multiple rooms or large surface areas.
  • The dry fog setting is suitable for smaller areas.

100% natural and 99.99% effective at destroying Covid 19 and any pathogens on surface areas

Safe to ingest, wash with and inhale. Safe on water and food

The spray is entirely organic so there is no danger of skin irritation or corrosion of materials and surfaces

Contains no alcohol or harmful chemicals

After the fogger has been used, the room is ready for use instantly

Safe for humans, pets and the environment


  • Charge it up or plug it in
  • Fill it up with SHIELDme disinfectant
  • Spray!

Disinfecting Fogger 12L Essex, London

Cover up to 8 metres in one spray.

The foggers feature a unique hose design which is able to swing to any angle, enabling you to apply the solution to a wide number of areas.

The range of disinfecting foggers are either powered by the mains or run on a rechargeable battery. Whether you own a 5 litre or 12 litre machine, each fogger is incredibly easy to use.


  • Healthcare settings
  • Education
  • Hotels
  • Leisure areas
  • Restaurants

Disinfecting Fogger 12L Essex, London

GW Commercial Equipment is an official distributor of the SHIELDme fogger systems. Please contact us for more information and to purchase for your facility.