Miele G 8066


  • Electronic controls with 3 programmes and a self cleaning programme
  • Tank system
  • Shortest programme duration 90 sec
  • Max. cleaning capacity per hour: 720 plates or 40 baskets
  • Built-in dosing system for liquid cleaning agent and rinse aid

• - Standard Feature

° - Optional

x - Not Available


Freshwater system dishwashers G 8066
Frontloader with drop-down door, without baskets or lid
Freestanding appliance, can be built under
Throughfeed machine x
For installation in a run of units or a corner position x
High quality stainless steel wash cabinet
Circulation pump, Qmax [l/min] 250
Shortest programme running time [min]* 1.5
Cleaning capacity [plates/h] 880
Controls, programmes
Electronic controls with touch controls
Programme starts automatically when hood is closed x
Temperature indicator for tank and boiler x
3 rinse programmes, 1 self cleaning programme
Contra-rotating spray arms (upper and lower basket)
Water connection
1 x cold or hot water connection (max. 65ºC) 1–10 bar pressure (100–1000 kPa)
1 x cold or hot water (max. 60ºC), 0.8–6 bar pressure (80–600 kPa) x
Circulation pump [kW] 0.7
Rinse booster pump 0.27
Drain pump DN 22, delivery height 100 cm [kW] 0.08
Drain pump DN 50, delivery height 65 cm (85 cm with sealed outlet ventilation) [kW] x
Electrical connection
1N AC 230 V 50 Hz x
Heater rating [kW] x
Fuse rating [A] x
Total connected [load kW] x
3N AC 400 V 50 Hz, cable length approx. 1.8
Tank heating [kW] optional 0.75
Boiler [kW] 9.2
Convertible to 230 V
Heating output [kW] 5.75 + 0.75
Fuse rating [A] 1 x 30
Total connected [load kW] 6.5
Total connected load unlocked 9.5 kW
Heater rating [kW] x
Fuse rating [A] x
Total connected load unlocked 10.7 kW
Heater rating [kW] x
Fuse rating [A] x
Detergent dispenser
Dispenser for liquid detergents
Dispenser for rinse aid with container level indicator
DOS G 60 dispenser for liquid detergents (external)
Water softener
For cold and hot water connection depending on model Up to 30º dH
Dimensions, weight
External dimensions H (with lid)/W/D [mm] closed 820 (850)/598/600
External dimensions H closed (open) /W/D [mm] closed 1470/(1940)/635/750
Wash cabinet dimensions H/W/D [mm] 410/540/540
Loading height useable height [mm] 410
Weight [kg] 78
Stainless steel (AE)
Test certificates: