Miele G 7855


  • White
  • Electronic controls with 7 programmes
  • Shortest programme duration 11 minutes
  • Max. cleaning capacity per hour:
  • 164 plates plus 518 pieces of cutlery in the lower basket and 238 pieces of crockery in the upper basket
  • WRAS approved

• - Standard Feature

° - Optional

x - Not Available


Freshwater system dishwashers G 7855
Frontloader with drop-down door
Freestanding with lid, can be built under
Circulation pump, Qmax [l/min] 400
Shortest programme running time [min]* 11
Cleaning capacity [plates/h] 164
Controls, programmes
MULTITRONIC Novo Vario with programmable functions 10
Water connection
1 x cold or hot water (max. 70°), 2–10 bar pressure (200–1000 kPa)
1 x cold and hot water (max.70ºC), 2–10 bar pressure (200–1000 kPa) x
Drain pump DN 22, head height 100 cm
Mains connection cable approx. 1.7 m
Electrical connection
3N AC 400 V 50 Hz x
Heater rating [kW] x
Circulation pump [kW] x
Total connected [load kW] x
Fuse rating [A] x
1N AC 230 V 50 Hz
Heater rating [kW] 5.8
Circulation pump [kW] 0.43
Total connected [load kW] 6.4
Fuse rating [A] 1 x 30
Dispenser system
1 x combi dispenser/door for powder and rinsing agent
DOS G 60 dispenser for liquid detergents
Water Softener
For cold and hot water up to 70ºC Profi-Monobloc
Steam Condenser
Heat exchanger x
Dimensions, weight
External H/W/D [mm] (without lid H = 820 mm) 850/600/600
Loading height above floor [mm] 230
Weight, unloaded [kg] 70
External casing options
White casing, plastic lid [WG]
Decor frame for panel H 570 x W 578 x 1.2 mm thick °
Stainless steel front, lid sides [AE] x
Test certificates
§ 18 IfSG x
Factory fitted baskets and inserts
O 881 upper basket for cups/saucers 1
U 880 lower basket, empty for various inserts 1
E 216 insert 1/2 for 15 plates up to 240 mm Ø 2
E 165 cutlery basket 2