Miele PW 6321


  • PROFITRONIC M controls
  • Load capacity 32 kg
  • Honeycomb drum, volume 320 litres
  • Spin speed 1000 rpm
  • g-Factor 448, residual moisture 53%
  • Dump valve
  • Electric, gas or steam
Miele 6055

• - Standard Feature

° - Optional

x - Not Available


Capacity [kg] 32
Honeycomb drum, volume [litres] 320
Microhole drum º
Spin speed [max. rpm] 1000
g-Factor 448
Residual moisture [%] 53
Door Opening
Unclean side [mm] x
Clean side [mm] x
PROFITRONIC, freely programmable x
PROFITRONIC M, freely programmable
1x Cold water, 3/4"with 1"threaded union
1x Hot water, 3/42"with 1"threaded union
1x Hard water, 3/4"with 1"threaded union
Drain pump/dump valve -/DN 70
Electrical connection
Asynchronous motor with frequency converter
3N AC 380–415 V 50–60 Hz
Electrically heated machines:
Heater rating [kW] 30
Total connected load [kW] 31
Fuse rating [A] 3 X 63
Gas heated machines:
Total electrical load [kW] 5.0
Fuse rating [A] 3 x 16
Steam heated machines: *
Total electrical load [kW] 5.0
Fuse rating [A] 3 x 16
Detergent dispenser
5 compartment dispenser drawer
Optional extras
MF kit for liquid agent º
Serial interface RS 232 º
Peak load cut-out º
Dimensions, weight (electric heating)
External dimensions H/W/D [mm] 1640/1085/1272
Weight [kg] 648
External finish options
Sides and lid Octo blue (powder coated), front and back stainless steel x
Sides and lid Octo blue (powder coated), back galvanised, front stainless steel