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Commercial laundry equipment at home
Commercial laundry equipment at home

We are often approached by customers for our commercial appliances for their homes. As many clients find them more energy efficient and time saving especially, if there are lots of people living in the house.

Our recent install for a family in Essex was no exception. Our installation team fitted a new Miele Professional PDW909 9kg washer and dryer. The customer had a large family with lots of washing, which they were struggling to process quickly. The PDW909 has very fast cycles with 30 min quick wash. But the real benefit is the speed of the drying cycles at 20 mins for a normal load and 45 minutes for a Towel/sheet cycle.

Quote from our client Jane Smith

“As a parent of a very hectic household, the Miele commercial washing machine & the dryer have proved invaluable in maintaining order in the house! The engineers that installed it were highly skilled & everything was installed to perfection within a day. Wish we’d bought it years ago. Highly recommended”

If you are finding your home washing a challenge and feel you would benefit from a commercial laundry machine, then please get in touch. Call us on 020 8984 9894, send an email or complete our online form.