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Introducing Hamoki catering equipment:

At GW Commercial, we are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new catering brand – Hamoki Ltd. Designed with affordability and efficiency in mind, Hamoki offers a comprehensive range of catering products tailored to meet the dynamic needs of kitchens.

Commercial stove for industrial kitchen

Why choose Hamoki?

  • Competitively priced: We understand the budget constraints faced by today’s caterers. Hamoki products are expertly engineered for durability and performance, but with a focus on offering exceptional value.
  • Extensive selection: From powerful cooking equipment like ovens and fryers to essential food prep tools and refrigeration, Hamoki provides everything you need to equip your professional kitchen. 
  • Uncompromising reliability: Don’t let affordability compromise quality. Hamoki products are built to last, using robust materials and innovative technology to ensure they withstand the rigors of a busy catering operation.
  • Expert Support: At GW Commercial, we’re your dedicated supplier of cateringand commercial appliances. Our experienced team provides not only seamless supply and installation of your Hamoki equipment but also ongoing maintenance and support. Our fully trained engineers are readily available to ensure your kitchen always runs smoothly.

More than just equipment:

At GW Commercial, we understand that every kitchen is unique, and our team is dedicated to providing personalised consultations and recommendations to help you select the perfect equipment for your specific needs and budget. With over 12 years of experience serving the South East, GW Commercial has earned a reputation for excellence providing a one -stop solution for all professional catering, dishwashing and laundryappliances. And now we’re proud to extend this commitment to quality and service with the introduction of Hamoki catering equipment range.

Find out more

Contact GW Commercial today to find out more about our Hamoki catering equipment range. Our knowledgeable team is happy to answer your questions and guide you towards creating a kitchen that’s both efficient and cost-effective, without compromising on performance. Call 0208 9849894 or send anemail for a no obligation discussion and quote.

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